Wedding photography isn’t a walk in the park

A wedding photographer’s job can be just as taxing as the roles of a bride and groom. However, the attention will be on them, not you. Make sure you do the best job you can behind the scenes.

1. Wedding photography is not for the faint-hearted. It’s also not for the easily-winded or physically unfit. Anyone with serious medical conditions that limit their ability to move around quickly should stay away from being a wedding photographer. An office job would be a better fit. Wedding photography on the day involves hours and hours of running around and concentration. You can’t just take photos willy-nilly. Candid shots for your own curiosity and amusement won’t do well when the time comes for your clients to decide how to rate your services. You work for them, you weren’t invited just to have your own fun at their expense. The hours spent handling one wedding can skyrocket depending on the work you end up doing. Wedding photographers can take from 8 to 21 hours for one event. If you can’t get by on natural energy, you might have to resort to energy drinks to get sufficient juices flowing. Considering how much gear you often have to cart around by hand (and on your shoulders), be prepared to feel exhausted by the end if you even get there. As a wedding photographer you also have to maintain a positive and outgoing atmosphere. A tired, grumpy wedding photographer doesn’t inspire much cheer and will make people question you and your client. That’s less than helpful for a sustained career in the industry. For Pre wedding photography in Hong kong, just click the hyperlink provided.

2. Be prepared to meet and tolerate a lot of different people. In fact, be prepared to be under the services of a bride and groom pair who could well be snobs and jerks. You will be working for them and they will be paying your bills so you have to stomach any ill feelings you get upon them walking into your office. On the day, you have to ensure that you do everything they ask. That can also include meeting friends and family. If you’re lucky they’ll be amiable, easygoing and non-confrontational. They’ll accept and embrace your role on the day and allow you to take wedding photography without much negative comment. On the other hand, you may need to realise that no matter who the subject is, your duty is to please them. You very much have a passive role on the day but it’s still significant enough to ensure that it’s done right. The more patience you have, the better suited you will be for this business. Click this for more information and for inquiries.

Most of all, every wedding photographer has their own style. The best way you can pave a path to success is to find yours quickly. Discover what works for you while being effective and stick to it. No one needs chameleons in this business because it’s all subjective.

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