Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Between the wait for the arrival of the bridal party and the three hour long best man speech, sometimes things can get pretty boring especially if your best man is philosophical guy who loves to talk about his feelings. If you’re getting married sometime soon, you know how important it is to keep your guests entertained and engaged in the celebrations.

There are many ways to avoid the yawns and replace them with tears and laughter at a wedding and the tips mentioned below will be sure to transform your boring reception to a fun and interactive event.

Do not stray from the schedule

The role a schedule plays on the big day is huge because it tends to keep everyone on track, ensuring a smooth functioning of the flow of events. There is also a high possibility that if you do stray away from the schedule, your guests are likely to get annoyed and bored.

For your event to run without any hitches, you must stick to the schedule because otherwise you will have to face a number of hiccups such as having to pay for extra hours at the venue, the DJ and other entertainment and vendors who were at your service.

Entertainment for days

The main aspect that is guaranteed to keep your guests engaged and having fun is by entertaining them. I’m not talking about your average boring old live band that plays for a horrible fifteen minutes, I’m talking energetic and fun music.

Another great wedding idea would be some belly dancers or some comedians to lighten up the mood after the emotional father- daughter dance. You could even hire some singing waiters to keep your guests from falling asleep.

Keep it short and sweet

A great wedding idea is to monitor the intake of alcohol of the bridal party and keep the speeches short and sweet.

The speeches can be the most time consuming part of the night and they can sometimes go horribly wrong if the person giving the speech is under the influence of alcohol. We’ve seen this happen way too many times in movies so it is a must to encourage those who will give the speeches to keep their alcohol intake low. Sometimes, after the bridesmaid has shot back a few shots of tequila, it is always bound to get ugly. They may take the stage to unveil extremely private details about you to your guests and trust me; you don’t want the added drama at your wedding which is why it is important to track everyone’s alcohol intake.

These tips and tricks that are mentioned above will take you a long way when keeping your guests entertained with wedding idea on your big day.

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