5 Lighting Tips To Consider For Great Wedding Images

You might be hired as a wedding photographer to capture the delicate moments of a bride and groom who are very much in love with each other. You might be a bit concerned about how you are going to nail this. Here are some lighting tips on taking the best images out there:

The light must reflect

It is important that when the talented photographer take photos that the lighting is just about right. This applies when you use a flash indoors so that the light can bounce off the walls of the house. You can start off by asking your camera store for more advice on how to get the direction of the flash moving and the best settings for taking wedding photos indoors.

A great backlight setup

It is important that you use a backlight which will give you a lot of variation, dimension and even separate the focal point of the photograph. There should be a clear contrast between the subject in the image and the background. If you use the backlighting feature it is a great way for you to draw attention to the silhouettes but you must be careful on as you can draw attention to the walls and objects which will bounce the light back to the person in the image. You can use backlighting even for taking images of hair spray being sprayed in the dressing room!

Use a light behind the person

Using a light which is behind a person is also called as light grenade. A light grenade is used to illuminate the surface behind the person in question. It is a great way to hide anything ugly on the walls or to even brighten the person in the image to a yellow glow. It is important for you take into consideration the grenade if you are thinking of various illumination techniques for great wedding photos.

Keep the light closer

You must keep the light a lot closer if you want a powerful image. The closer the light is the better control you will have of the sunlight, as you can get small flashes while maintaining the balance between a soft and fast lighting system at the same time. It is a great way for you to get the better of natural lighting and artificial lighting too!

Constant light

The light must be constant and moving. If you are using lighting which is ambient then you must try to collaborate constant lighting techniques too. You can use lights which are found in videos to a simple lamp in the vicinity. Lighting which is constant will give you the chance to know what your image is going to be like without actually bringing up the need for any test imaging or metering of any lights.

Keep in mind that the best lighting can also make the wedding images you take a lot better than if you simply do not focus on these tips above!

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