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Common Mistakes Made By New Moms!

Having a baby is no piece of cake! From the process of going through nine months of pregnancy which includes morning sickness, lack of sleep, discomfort and several other complications to actually undergoing child birth. It all requires a great deal of strength, both, mentally and physically. If you happen to be a new mom, then these are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid making.

Not taking care of oneself

It is no news that new moms go through a great deal of stress and issues during the first few months after the delivery. Not only do they have to focus on their healing process in terms of their physical ailments and psychological changes as well, they also have to focus on tending to the needs of another individual before their own needs. Hiring a maternity photography service to capture your pre and post-delivery moments is not of utmost importance. Instead, it is more important to focus on your scars and getting help when needed. If you tend to experience postpartum depression, it is important to speak to someone or visit a therapist to get help from the right sources. Not only the maternity photography service you can hire but also a newborn photography Joondalup.


As a new mom, it is quite normal to experience moments of panic wherein you tend to overthink the slightest situations and make a big deal out of nothing. However, it is important to understand that the baby will take some time to adjust to the environment that is outside the mother’s body. Therefore, there is no need to get anxious or panic at the slightest cry or cough that the baby may exhibit. Just remember to keep your calm and deal with the situation in a rational manner without freaking out!

Neglecting your responsibilities

As a woman, there are certain responsibilities to be taken care of, such as handling the baby as well as managing the house which includes cooking a few healthy meals and ensuring that the house is kept clean and suitable for the baby. However, another important responsibility is your responsibility towards your spouse and other family members. It is important to ensure that they do not feel neglected due to the arrival of the baby. You could host a small get together and call in the family photographer to capture a few of the baby’s first moments with the members of your family.Making mistakes is inevitable and you are more likely to make mistakes if this is your first pregnancy. So don’t stress out if you can’t seem to get everything right. You will receive a great deal of advice from those around you and you will end up making mistakes regardless of all the advice you receive. So, stop trying to perfect this job, because it’s almost impossible to do so.

Why Should You Invest In Video For Marketing Your Property?

A property is always an asset that can fetch the owner some money when he needs. Give it on rent or sell it, it will always pay you off. Thus, developing and maintaining a property in good way is really beneficial. When you finally decide to sell or rent out property, you must put it before potential buyers. The job of advertising or marketing is not an easy one. That is why people hire real estate agents. These people know the market the better and can advertise it accordingly to get good customer and price.

Marketing the property is important to make people aware of the presence of the property. There are many ways to do it. The agents are paid for this job. The better the marketing process, the higher you have to spend. One of prevalent ways of marketing property is by video. You may obviously think this one as an extra expense. But in reality it is actually not. Good real estate video marketing will give you return as your property gets a good marketing which helps you find better customer and price.

Listing videos:

On the website page of any real estate agents, people find photos of properties and this page is somehow similar in every case. While browsing, people may not feel interested to browse more in your site as it presents things in the traditional way. To make a difference it is necessary to do something that others usually do not do. Instead of uploading just photos make slideshow video by a real estate video production company. It will make people connect more to the site.

Video testimonials:

Utilizing good reviews by your clients can work as references. Review ratings are something that just requires a look and nothing more than that. If you want to make some difference, use the references in a different way. While written testimonials are boring to read video testimonials are great to watch. People who will browse through your site will be captivated by videos in which people speak in your praise. This will make them trust you as an agent who will do good job.

Personal response:

When clients contact agents they get a formal reply through mail which is not that attractive. Choose to give response in a way that will make them realize that you take the whole thing very seriously. Replying personally with a video of the properties will surely make some difference.

Present yourself:

Never forget to present yourself before the potential clients. Make a video in which you introduce yourself and upload it.